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Residential roofing Residential roofing

Expert roofing services

From installing roofs to carrying out inspections and repair work, Karpinnen Construction LLC can handle it all at reasonable rates.

We'll conduct all necessary maintenance and repair work needed on your existing roof. Our inspections are thorough and our work has a 10-year labor warranty.


Our repair services include:


 •  Replacing missing/broken shingles

 •  Weak spots

 •  Patching leaks

 •  And more!



Carrying out maintenance & repairs

For FREE estimates on roofing services, call:


Roof installation and roof repair work comes with a

10-year labor warranty!

Roof Installation services


A new roof is a huge investment. Come to us to get it done right the first time to ensure durability and the look for years to come!


We install roofs of all types including:


  •  Steel roofs

  •  Flat roofs

  •  Shingled roofs

  •  And more!