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Useful tips on how to detect roof problems

Leaky roof? Use these helpful tips to determine if it's time to install a new roof! Contact Karpinnen Construction LLC for your new roof today.

Leaking attic

Remember to check your attic for leaks after a storm, especially if your roof is old.


Blistering or peeling paint

Excessive moisture, temperature, and humidity due to poor ventilation can cause interior and exterior paint to peel off.


Stains and mold growth on ceilings and walls

Poor ventilation and shingle underlayment deterioration can cause mold and mildew growth on your walls or ceilings.


Signs of decay on sheathing and siding

Excess moisture and poor ventilation in your attic are possible culprits.


Brittle shingles

If you notice that your roof shingles are easily breaking, then it's time for you to get a new roof.


Increased energy costs

Poor ventilation in your attic can trap warm air and moisture, decreasing the effectiveness of your cooling system. This will cause your power bill to spike.


Dark and dirty stains on your roof

Dirty patches on your roof are caused by the loss of your shingles' protective granules.


StainGuard® protection, available on many GAF Shingles    such as Timberline® Cool Series Shingles, Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles, and Timberline® ArmorShield™ II Shingles is resistant to such stains.



Signs of a weak or damaged roof

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